Amvrakikos Bay

It is one of the largest wetlands in Greece of size and importance.
The bay occupies an area of ​​approximately 400 square kilometers and is a closed sea, which includes many smaller wetlands.
Amvrakikos communicates with the Ionian Sea through the Strait of Preveza.  It is a wetland of great value not only by Greek but also international standards.
In Amvrakikos there survives one of the last healthy populations of bottlenose dolphins in the Mediterranean.  As noted in the journal “New Scientist”, their number remains stable at around 150 dolphins.  The bottlenose dolphins of Amvrakikos survive because of the sardine population.  If oxygen levels drop one day, sardines will disappear from the Gulf and that will mean the end of the dolphins.

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Distance from Flower Pot ❀ 800m
10' minute-walk

Thermal Springs

They are located in the southwestern part of the city of Preveza, alongside with the winner of the “Blue Flag” of Kiani Akti beach and the entrance of Ambrakikos Bay, with its important wetlands protected by the international Ramsar Convention.
The springs are called Paliosaraga,  in other words “Old Palaces” and are a part of the history of the area wich is known since the 17th century, when Ali Pasha built here his summer palaces and used the water springs for his steam room.

The temperature of the water that flows from the springs is 21.5 C.
Therapeutic uses: Chronic rheumatism, myositis, degenerative accident outcomes, skin and gynecological diseases.
The baths facilities were renovated in 2013 and includes 22 baths with water temperature at 32nd C.
Their season runs from June to October.
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Distance from Flower Pot ❀ 600 m
7' minute-walk

Agios Georgios Castle

The castle of Saint George (Yeni Kale), at the southern end of the old town of Preveza, was built by Ali Pasha in the early 19th century the same period encircling, perimeter, with the city moat.  It consists of an inclined peripheral wall surrounding the interior courtyard.  The perimeter wall is then reinforced by bastions in the north and the south side, which is the entrance of Amvrakikos Gulf.


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Distance from Flower Pot ❀ 290m
4' minute-walk

Pantocrator Castle

The castle of the Pantocrator, in a short distance from Preveza, was built in the early 19th century by Ali Pasha from drawings by French engineer Yadocourt.  It has the shape of a pentagon with high walls, a bastion of the waterfront, free water ditch on the north side and another ditch with water in the southern part of the castle.  Today it hosts various cultural events.


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Distance from Flower Pot ❀ 1,5 Κm
18' minute-walk

Agios Andreas Castle

The castle of St. Andrew (Its Kale in Turkish) is located to the north of the town of Preveza, by the sea.  It was built by the Ottomans in the early 17th century and was renovated by the Venetians.
Ali Pasha reinforced the fortress in the early 19th century and built a perimeter wall with a moat and three gates.  The castle is still preserved in excellent condition and impresses with its sloping walls and exquisite geometry of the corner bastions.

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Distance from Flower Pot ❀ 1,1 Κm
14' minute-walk

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